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The European Commission of Islamic Centers issues an electronic Islamic magazine to present the issues of Muslim communities.

the event:

Proceeding from the message of the “European Organization of Islamic Centers” in raising awareness and spreading moderation, it issued today – by the grace of God – in one of the awareness axes to communicate with a larger segment of Muslim readers and their community in Europe in particular, and non-Muslims in general, the issuance of an Islamic electronic magazine under the name: “To get to know each other” to be an intellectual, cultural, educational, educational and social platform, with an Islamic reference.
In it, the issues of the Muslim community, Islamic centers, imams and issues of interest to every Muslim are raised, and we are heralded for successes and the marketing of distinguished models, with the aim of deepening communication and establishing practical role models, and linking Islamic centers and dear readers with scholars, wise men and thinkers, and introducing non-Muslims to our religion. The righteous and its cultural values.
Guided by the compass in their middle hands and moderation, their goal is one; Spreading moderate Islamic culture, through the writings and pens of those who enjoy trust locally, regionally or globally, and through articles specialized in Islamic thought, culture and values, to consolidate citizenship, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and to confront malicious campaigns to distort the image of Islam and Muslims, and to confront extremist thought, by adopting the language of objectivity and discourse Tolerance, in a way that respects the pluralism of ijtihad and the perceptions and choices of others; In support of the values
The humanity urged by our true religion, and called for by all the heavenly messages.
The magazine will be issued in English and French as well, with the aim of expanding the circle of interest, participation and communication with the authority.

Sources: Al-Hadath newspaper – Tahlia newspaper – Arab Radar

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