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The meanness and innocence of the events of September 11, 2001

The meanness and innocence of the events of September 11, 2001

Written by, Hajj Ben Dokha

Despite the passage of more than twenty years since what was called Black September, the mysteries and mysteries of the operation carried out by four civilian aircraft against targets inside the United States of America still raise a lot of controversy about the perpetrators, planners and executors of those attacks, and the secret of the sudden and suspicious stop of American surveillance devices, Many analyzes link the events that resulted from the attacks, with the involvement of major influential and influential organizations, not organizations or individuals who lack the minimum requirements for daily living, so we do not say civilized.

As a result of these attacks, nearly 3,000 people were killed, and America suffered billions in losses, when 19 militants linked to the terrorist al-Qaeda hijacked, according to the American version, four passenger planes, and they carried out suicide attacks inside the American depth, where two planes hit the World Trade Center towers in New York City, and wounded A third, the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Timeless American Dreams

There are accounts that, in the context of an opportunist approach, Washington took advantage of the opportunity after the collapse of the Soviet Union, due to its great need to acquire energy sources, as it knows more than others that energy is the decisive weapon in any Western confrontation with the East, and it was mentioned by its Treasury Minister The previous one in 1948: “Whoever controls the fate of Middle Eastern oil controls the world.” The American question was, how to reach this distant strategic goal, and with a simple calculation of the costs of the two world trade towers and comparing them with the gains achieved and the resulting losses, we find that Uncle Sam’s government achieved Gains outweigh those losses a thousand times, and indeed the conviction has been reinforced by many followers, that this process cannot be carried out by an organization, party, or group of insurgents stationed in the caves of Afghanistan. The size of America.

Graduation accuracy is not a coincidence gift

Others tend to the fact that the mind does not need supernatural alertness in order to attain logical insight into events. The conditions before the accident are very different from those before them. After the September 2001 incident, we find that there is a new pattern of American aggressive practices characterized by brutality. Washington does not even hesitate to Targeting American targets to justify major actions or achieve major goals, and we must also know that the major intelligence services in the world operate through unusual patterns. The world witnessed that the incident was covered by many non-innocent loopholes, and the first of those gaps, the video clips that were transmitted from all The angles clearly confirm the presence of media preparation and recording for the event, otherwise how did this happen?! And the incident was also not without the smell of suspicion. A week before the attack, a Jewish banker insured the two towers in his favour, and the same reading was confirmed by accounts from sovereign agencies that questioned the authenticity of the American narrative. Before the two towers were struck, American negotiations with the Taliban government were launched. To obtain its approval regarding the construction of an oil pipeline from Asia towards Europe, which was rejected by the Taliban movement, so America had an opportunity to exploit the event and defeat the Taliban, which it actually accelerated, as long as the spoils are the largest oil reserves in the world in the Middle East, in addition to undermining emerging powers. Its competition has the image of China.

Geopolitical gains outside of logic

The attacks that cried an entire world, and earned America a new affection, pity and solidarity, the days later showed that they also brought about major geopolitical and geo-social changes, so the United States would not have practiced this brutality in such a violent manner against the peoples of the Middle East and the Arab region specifically without providing justifications . It also gave it the legitimacy to draw up a security project with Israel’s blessing as a prelude to the Greater Middle East project, whose features began to become evident day after day with the start of the wave of normalization of Arab regimes with Israel.

Comedy play with the flavor of charges

Others agree that all the evidence and analyzes that the events of September 11 are the biggest lie that the world believed, after global decision-makers and propaganda directed it in the dress of religion and considered it a holy crusade, to show Islam as a doctrine of violence and backwardness, suitable for nothing but demolition and sorrows. With them, they prove for the thousandth time that Islam is a victim of a tyranny from the human fold, and that terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have become brands that are made in all countries of the world on demand. They are the biggest enemies of Islam, and religion is innocent of them. .

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